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Stay in Weymouth & Portland with
Homestay & Venture Breaks

Are you looking for homely, flexible accommodation to go with your reason for visiting Weymouth & Portland?

Are you wanting to visit Weymouth & Portland to attend sporting or cultural events or learn English independently or as a youth group?

Are you considering enrolling in a High School programme at Weymouth College, or are you  temporarily working within Weymouth & Portland?

Would you like to explore Weymouth, Portland and the Jurassic Coast… and combine it with a workshop to create your own design?

Whatever your preferred “Venture Break”, we can arrange Homestay accommodation for you. Our local hosts welcome people of all ages - alone, in pairs, or in groups, or in families. We make all the arrangements and match your needs with their offer. 

Homestay & Venture Breaks can:

  • Provide 24/7 support throughout your stay.

  • Immediately put you in the heart of our Dorset community and give you unique access to local knowledge.

  • Arrange activity programmes for your visits.  All our programmes are bespoke and meet the need of each customer.

Homestay is an ideal solution for visitors who are:

  • Looking for a bespoke, 'live the culture' accommodation experience

  • Interested in participating in local opportunities like sailing, walking, and arts

  • Attending local events and festivals

  • Locum workers

  • Looking to improve their English

  • Engaging in a Language Travel Holiday

  • Following an educational programme at Weymouth College


"They’re really friendly. They offered me delicious food and the best environment. | It was perfect! I love them."

"My host family is so kind and respect us, the house is clean and comfortable."

"Good, they cook for me everyday and it wasn’t a problem for them that I am coeliac."

"They were extremely nice and welcoming, they let us talk a lot and made us feel very comfortable."

"The host is very nice and welcoming. The family is very kind, we were comfortable almost immediately."

"I really enjoyed it. It was very beautiful and I feel well. It was very nice, the food was very varied and I have nothing bad to say."

We are recruiting new hosts NOW for the following groups in 2023: 

Mini Stay Young Learners


German: Sunday 19th - Thursday 23rd March (4 nights)

Czech: Sunday 19th - Friday 24th March (5 nights)

German: Monday 24th - Thursday 27th April (3 nights)

German: Friday 5th - Thursday 11th May (6 nights)

French: Monday 22nd - Friday 26th May (4 nights)

Czech: Monday 22nd - Sunday 28th May (6 nights)

French: Wednesday 31st May - Sunday 4th June (4 nights)

German: Monday 5th - Thursday 8th June (3 nights)

German: Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th June (3 nights)

Slovakian: Monday 19th - Saturday 24th June (5 nights)

German: Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th July (5 nights)

German: Thursday 13th - Monday 17th July (4 nights)

German: Monday 11th - Thursday 21st September (11 nights)

German: Monday 25th - Thursday 28th September (3 nights)

German: Sunday 1st - Saturday 7th October (6 nights)


Summer Young Learners

Weymouth English Centre are returning for the first time since Covid!

Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian: Saturday 1st July - Saturday 12th August

(a variety of dates: 14-21 nights each time)

German: Saturday 5th - Saturday 19th August (14 nights)


Long Stay Young Learners

Weymouth College: a mix of Italian, German, Slovakian, American, Czech, Dutch and other nationals

2nd September - 16th December 2023 (a term, 15 weeks)

2nd September - 27th January 2024 (a semester, 21 weeks)

2nd September - 22nd June 2024 (an academic year, 42 weeks)

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