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Hosting 4 U?

Is Hosting for You?

Do you live in any area of Weymouth and Portland?
Have you thought about hosting visitors in your home?

Our community of Homestay Hosts provides accommodation for national and international visitors of all ages throughout the year. 

Benefits to you of hosting visitors

  • Generating income from your home

    • Hosting our visitors gives you the opportunity of making a spare bedroom work for you, without the risks of marketing and sourcing the visitors yourself or supporting your visitors 24/7 if issues arise


  • The opportunity of hosting visitors of all ages throughout the year

    • If you like the idea of hosting all year round, join us and our community of Homestays as we develop all year-round business


  • Meeting and making new friends 

    • During nearly 30 years of organising groups locally, we have seen that hosting can be a positive and rewarding experience for both Homestay and visitor and long-term friendships are made with people in different countries  

    • This is a real and tangible benefit, giving you the opportunity to be hosted in return – often overseas


  • The opportunity to learn about the culture and language of other nationals

    • Many people see the benefit of introducing their children to new cultures and languages in addition to expanding their own knowledge of other cultures and languages


  • Being part of local, national and international events


  • The opportunity to be an ambassador for Weymouth & Portland, the Jurassic Coast and Dorset

    • We all have local places that are special to us – hosting gives us the opportunity of sharing our local knowledge with national and international visitors​

How It Works

We visit everyone who is interested in hosting. We answer all your questions and take a note of your requirements and availability. We also look at your accommodation and establish our terms and conditions.  

If both we, and you, are happy to proceed, you will be registered onto the list; during the allocating process we make every effort to match visitors to you according to both your needs. Finally, support is available to you and your visitors from the local team.

We accept a range of local homeowners as Homestay Hosts.  Whether you are a single person, a young couple without children, a couple with children living at home, an older person or an older couple whose children have grown and left home - we welcome your application to join our community of Homestays!

We are recruiting new hosts NOW for groups in 2024 

Weymouth English Centre and Other Groups


Italian/Hungarian/French: 30th June - 13th July (13 nights)

Spanish: 30th June - 21st July (21 nights)

Italian/Hungarian/French/Spanish: 14th - 27th July (13 nights)

Hungarian: 21st - 27th July (6 nights)

Spanish: 21st July - 10th August (20 nights)

Chinese: 21st July - 3rd August (13 nights)

Hungarian: 3rd - 10th August (6 nights)

German: 10th - 24th August (14 nights)

Other dates available throughout the year

Current Dates


"My host family is so sweet with me and if I would choose a family I will choose this one."

"I like my host family, they are very kind people. They talk with me so I could improve my speaking and listening."

"They were very nice and they were interested in what we did during the day and what we would do later. | I love my host family."

"Great, she is very friendly and looked after me well. I have had a great time with my host family."

"They are really nice and answered all our questions. The family was very nice to us, they told us lots about life in England."

"If I could come to Weymouth again I would want to stay with her."

From Students

From Hosts

"We were truly blessed to host the most amazing girl." - Jane


"Great organisation....I've hosted for many years and have had many young people return to us year after year." - Sarah

Prices for Hosting

Prices vary according to contract and meal options offered.

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T&Cs Hosting Young Learners

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T&Cs Hosting Adults

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Fire Risk Assessment Forms

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