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Other Visitors

If you are visiting the area and would like homely and personal accommodation that connects you with the community, we can match your specific requirements and interests with a local Homestay Host.

Whether you are coming to Weymouth on a short-term contract or locum position, considering an immersion experience to improve your English Language skills, or involved in a particular event, such as Ironman or other sporting event.

Immersion in the English Language Programmes

This was an intensive learning experience for adults. They took part in a tutor directed learning opportunity that involved them undertaking tasks in the community. It also engaged their Homestay Host supporting them in widening their experience of learning, understanding and improving their spoken English. Feedback confirmed that the level of fluency they were hoping to achieve was surpassed.

International Intern experiences

Working with a German training college has equipped us to arrange Homestay accommodation and local Internships for Administration and Library trainees. The young adults who take part in the programme were generally in their twenties and worked full time in a 2-6 month internship we established for them.  In addition to their experience in the workplace, our Homestay Hosts supported them in improving their English Language skills and connecting with our lifestyle and culture. 

Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2012 Homestay 

As an official Homestay provider for visitors to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sailing events, and the first Homestay provider to be recognised by Visit Britain, we successfully provided Homestay accommodation for a diverse range of visitors to the 2012 sailing and windsurfing events.

Homestay for individual adults

Building on our experience of 2012, we have successfully delivered Homestay for a range of adults which include adults on short-term working contracts in a variety of occupational settings, agent representatives visiting to establish their understanding of the area and for those attending or taking part in local cultural and sporting events. Our Homestay hosts provided both catered and self-catering

Some of the programmes we have delivered

We welcome enquiries from new customers, whether you are an individual or an organiser of a group.

Prices for Other Visitors

Prices are available on request and subject to requirements.

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T&Cs for Visiting Adults

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